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Company: ApTap

Position: Lead Data Scientist

Package: Competitive salary, plus share options for outstanding candidates

Location: London

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About the role
  • Getting familiar with the current product, understanding the architecture and the underlying technology. Also realizing the problems encountered along the way.
  • Gaining a deep understanding of the purpose of the product. Also learning how and what data we collect. Using their data knowledge, knowledge of the product and data we provide to make and rigorously test hypotheses to improve the product’s performance, UX and UI. 

  • Developing strategic plans and setting timelines for evaluation, development, and 
deployment of all technical, web and mobile services. 

  • Brainstorming ideas of how our current technology can be used to create new features 
and ideas about new features that could be implemented 

  • Brainstorming ideas to improve the efficiency of the back-end and current 
technologies being employed. Also helping with implementing the solutions 

  • You’ll also get the chance to get into some of the backend code and help expand our API Library; a brand-new library of API’s that’s creating the world’s first subscription store
About the company

ApTap is a bill and subscription management tool which is easy to integrate into any budgeting app, digital account or banking app, to increase user engagement and add a new revenue stream. We allow end users to organize their recurring payments and do an automatic comparison of their bills to deals on the market; the user is then able to cancel, switch or sign up to services within the app with just a few taps!

We are merging account aggregation, bill comparison and banking to give our users a seamless bill management experience, through a personalized subscription store.

About the ideal candidate

We are currently searching for highly motivated and adaptable computer scientists, specifically those competent in data science, to join their vibrant team. You will have both creativity and the capacity to learn, as we’re building something that’s never been done before. You’ll play a vital role in developing strategies and hypotheses, and finally testing and proving product improvement by leveraging data. We require individuals that are unphased by daunting challenges and are motivated by our passion and vision.

Core Competency Requirements
  • Strong Python knowledge and experience
  • Degree/ Expertise / (2+ yrs) Industry Experience in data science 

  • Experience using cloud services such as AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure 

  • Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • Ability to read and understand other developers code, understand current 
technological architecture 

  • Must be able to represent the company confidently, strive to deliver best tech giving 
value to customers, strong leadership and team-working skills and a passion and desire to innovate.
Preferred Competency Requirements
  • UI/UX design experience
  • Experience with web crawlers and web automation
  • Experience with micro-service architecture applications 

  • Confident reading/writing REST APIs 

  • Security: encryption knowledge (minimum 128-bit encryption),, Passport.js, 
end to end authentication (i.e. tokens) 

  • Previous experience/involvement with a banking or financial app 
Join us in changing the game and building the world’s first Subscription Store by merging bill organization, deal comparison and automating actions down to a click of button.
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